Shilpa Shetty Reviewed Some Books and Twitter Can’t Stop ROFLing

Did you guys know that Fifty Shades of Grey is a children’s colouring book?


Reading books, novels and anything in general is an admirable trait that we all should try to inculcate in young and growing children. To encourage this, the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination recently introduced some popular titles such as Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Asterix and Tintin in the ICSE school syllabus, along with graphic novel biographies of eminent personalities like APJ Abdul Kalam and Anne Frank.

A laudable move indeed, and ex-film star and frequent Baba Ramdev collab Shilpa Shetty certainly seems to think so, too. In a recent interview to a newspaper, Ms Shetty gave her approval to this move, and added that books like Little Women and Animal Farm should also be put on children’s reading lists as well.


Unfortunately, Ms Shetty didn’t seem to have read the books she was advocating herself, or even glanced through the Cliff Notes version at all. For instance, George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a disturbingly shocking allegorical novel about communism, which ends in a gory finale when all the animals kill everyone around them.

Twitter being Twitter, obviously, took this opportunity to quickly share their ideas of iconic books being reviewed by Ms Shetty, propelling the hashtag #ShilpaShettyReviews right to the top of the country on Monday afternoon.

Even the firangs noticed and jumped in, with one very pertinent observation:

In the end…



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