Tumblr Gets Deep by Pleated Jeans is what I look forward to every Thursday

Tumblr Gets Deep is a weekly compilation of Tumblr’s best, funniest, quirkiest, and most insightful posts published by Jeff Wysaski of Pleated Jeans. He updates it every Thursday, and I look forward to it for all the humor and quirky insights it provides. See the full list of Tumblr Gets Deep posts here.



funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-14 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-15 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-16 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-13 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-11 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-10 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-9 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-8 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-7 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-6 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-5 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-4 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-3 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-2 funny-tumblr-gets-deep-truncatech-1


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