The Apple Mac Pro reviews are in, and it’s a screamer

apple mac pro processor truncatech

The Mac Pro, Apple’s brand-new supercomputer in a can, is getting a Christmas release and some of the US’ top tech sites has released their reviews. While The Verge got themselves the fully loaded spec of the Pro with a retail price of $11,812, including the 4K Sharp 42-inch monitor, Engadget  – whose staff apparently aren’t as heavily invested in video production as The Verge – went with a nearly base spec Mac Pro that cost only a bit more than the starting price of $2,999. Apple loaned New York Times’ Molly Wood another top-of the line unit too.

For this price, what The Verge got was an eight-core, 3GHz processor, along with 64GB of RAM, a 1TB drive, and dual FirePro D700 GPUs, while the base unit has quad-core Intel Xeon E5-1620 processor, 12GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, dual 2GB AMD FirePro D300 GPUs .

The consensus seems to be even across the board; the Mac Pro is a stunning piece of hardware but there’re very few programs in the market right now that can take advantage of the massive firepower afforded by the dual GPUs. Apple’s own Final Cut Pro X, one of the very few to do so, registers a massive increase in performance, going so far as to even play four 4K videos simultaneously without dropping any frames. That’s impressive to say the least. Adobe is yet to update their programs for the Mac Pro, but when it does, videographers and filmmakers will see a massive decrease in downtime.

Check out the links above for the full dope on the most powerful Mac ever. Personally I prefer The Verge’s review; it’s better written and more unbiased.


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