Palestinians spoof Van Damme’s epic Volvo Trucks split, follows Chuck Norris and Channing Tatum

Following in the footsteps of Chuck Norris and Channing Tatum, a group of Palestinians have now spoofed Volvo Truck’s Epic Split featuring Jean Claude Van Damme, that went viral on YouTube earlier this year. Shot at an abandoned airport in Spain, the Muscles from Brussels’ stunt, set to the lilting Enya track, Only Time, has been credited with making a company as staid as Volvo Trucking, sexy and popular again.

The viral hit is actually not a standalone ad, instead being part of a “Live Test” series where some of the most talented professionals from diverse fields showcase their talents with a little help from Volvo’s FM trucks. From tightrope walking between two moving trucks to dangling a truck by a single hook over the Gothenburg harbour in Sweden, all of the Live Test stunts are as breathtaking as Van Damme’s split, if not more. You can watch all of them here.

Still, it is Van Damme’s Live Test 5 epic split that has catapulted Volvo Trucks to the front of viral YouTube hits. This success has seen the video being copied, spoofed, and parodied by numerous fans around the globes, including even celebrities like Channing Tatum and The Invincible himself, Chuck Norris.

However, it is the recent upload by a a group of Palestinians, called ‘Tashwesh”, that has captured the plight of attention of the online community right now. The funny yet poignant and moving spoof was created with the intention of bringing attention to the plight of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip  who has been suffering fuel shortages caused by an Israeli and Egyptian blockade against its Hamas rulers. Even electricity and water has been cut off from the Palestinians, a frequent occurrence since 2007 but something that has escalated post the Egyptian coup this July.


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